Friday, March 1, 2013

The Challenge of Music

The Challenge of Music Blog Hop

The Challenge of Music

This was a new one to me, and hence something that piqued my interest. In order to join we had to choose a piece of INSTRUMENTAL music that speaks to us and use it to do something artistic.

While my primary mode of self expression is beading, I seriously considered both writing poetry and painting to express this. I was totally stumpered.

I listened to music everywhere I went and while I liked most of it well enough, it didn't really SPEAK to me. Then, finally, I found it.

The piece I chose is from the HEROES (TV Show) Soundtrack and is called Abonecronedrone 3. I found it to be very ethnic (almost African) and bohemian.

Here's the necklace I designed for it (pardon the photo, but I cant find my camera and had to use my phone:
 Thanks for the awesome challenge, other-Erin!

Now go take  a look at what everyone else has designed!