Saturday, October 20, 2012

Dog craziness

Everyone seems to agree that my dog is crazy. Sweet, but crazy.

What does he do?

Well, he has a bizarre fondness for produce. Yep, produce! Apparently apples bounce in a really interesting way and just happen to taste pleasant when you pick them up in your teeth. I'm still looking for the last one he had - hopefully before it goes bad under the couch. His next toy was an acorn squash. I only HEARD him playing with it (quite a distinctive thud), and when I found it he had eaten almost half of the squash <sigh>. Guess we're not having squash for dinner. His final attempt was with a banana. It didn't work nearly as well.  Ick!  Enough said.

Does anyone out there know how to stop him from eating shoes? I know it's common for puppies (he's only 9 months old), but when your puppy weighs 50 pounds and has teeth to match, those shoes don't stand a chance.

And finally there's the laser pointer. I know cats commonly love to play with laser pointers, but Damian goes CRAZY for it. Stuart had him running around like crazy with it last night and this morning Clinton got him running in circles so frantically that he got dizzy and fell over (poor puppy!).

Ah, well. He's a happy dog and he makes me happy. Most of the time ;-)

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  1. Thanx for the laugh. Dogs really do all have their own personality. Frankie is a spot chaser also. My English Bulldog Rose went wild for a bit of my apple also.